PERCEPTION / NEURON Multi-character Mocap Demo and Early Gameplay Prototypes

Posted September 10, 2014 by David in News

Perception Neuron released a video last week demonstrating its low latency full body tracking system.

The Kickstarter campaign has 40 hours left to run but is already fully funded by almost reaching double its original funding goal.  Below is taken from Perception Neuron’s latest post.

The free software “Perception Axis Lite” comes with our SDK supports multi-character motion capture. We did an experiment by using Perception Axis Lite and 3 sets of Perception Legacy (Sorry we don’t have 3 sets of Perception Neuron in office today but for low dynamic motion like this there is actually no big difference). We spent 10 mins to get all 3 sets of mocap system on Will, Lee and Zhu; 15 mins for recording and screen capturing; 30 mins data clean up in Perception Axis Lite and another 30 mins data processing; and a very quick rendering in MotionBuilder. Please note that the small screen on the upper left corner is real-time screen recording from Axis Lite. 

We did a lot of optimization on physics / pattern recognition algorithms in our demo games and we just made a new game play prototype demo video today. Take a look! Thanks Tobi, Baojia, Yurong, Luojian, Hong and the Team for the hardwork!

Mr. Tobias Baumann was an independent game developer but not any more! We decided to hire Mr. Baumann as a full-time employee, dedicated to Project Perception Neuron. Tobi’s team will be in charge of the development and maintenance of the SDK for Unity and Unreal. He will also research and develop more game interaction examples for every backer to use in their own projects.

Again, thank you very much for backing this project and helping us became the “Most funded project from China”!

Sincerely yours,

Team Perception Neuron

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