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With about 6 months left before the PSVR is released to the public, Sony has hinted that it will be possible that it will be available sometime in the future on PC. PSVR will work exclusively on the PS4 when it is released in October. Sony has sold over 35 million PS4s since its launch back in 2013. This gives Sony access to more compatible machines capable of running a VR headset then Oculus and Vive.

During an interview, Sony executive vice president, PlayStation project division manager and software design department head, Masayasu Ito, told Nikkei that the Playstation 4 shares some similar parts to a PC and even though they don’t have anything to show at the moment there is a possibility that the PSVR will connect and work with PCs in the future.


Oculus, HTC and Sony are already in competition which each other over VR and with Sony now showing interest towards PCs it will give them a much bigger install base than they already have.   The PSVR doesn’t match the same screen resolution as both the Vive and Oculus giving 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye and the PSVR producing 960 x 1080 for each eye, However, the Playstation headset is considerably cheaper than the other two headsets and with anyone wanting to take a risk of getting into VR, a cheaper commitment is far more appealing.


There is no mention of the PS Move or Camera working with a PC but these would be essential if Sony made the PSVR available for PC.  Sony’s VR headset also comes with an extra processing power unit to help the PS4 handle the power needed for VR. This wouldn’t be necessary for a more powerful PC so could there be an even cheaper version of the PSVR available for PC? Only time will tell.





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