Radial-G : Racing Revolved Funded and coming out later this year.

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Tammeka Games yesterday revealed that we have been working hard in the background these past couple of months,following the end of the Kickstarter campaign, to secure alternative funding for continued development of Radial-G : Racing Revolved, which we have now done.

RadialG-1Following on from the success of the Steam Greenlight campaign, we are excited to announce today that we have now finalised the paperwork to provide the development team with enough funding to start creating the first full version of the game, which will release on Steam for Windows PCs late-2014. The funding partners wish to remain anonymous and silent partners in Tammeka Games, but are big supporters of VR and what we are trying to achieve with our first VR arcade racing game title.

RadialG-2Furthermore, as a result of the additional funding received, the first task the development team at Tammeka Games will be undertaking is updating the single player demo, ahead of a planned Steam Early Access launch.

The updated single player demo will include the following:

  • Rift menus! No more struggling with crossed-over 2D GUI before starting the race
  • Virtual keyboard with gamepad support; No more reaching for a keyboard you cannot see!
  • Integrated latest Oculus VR SDK; No more fiddling with settings and faffing about before you launch!
  • Multiple launch executables; One for 2D and ‘extended mode’ to continue supporting the best performance option (currently) and older DK1 headsets, and a dedicated DK2 ‘Direct to Rift’ mode

The updated demo will be submitted to Oculus VR Share website and other leading demo hosting sites, such as Rift Arcade, STV.RE and WeArVR, mid-September.

RadialG-5Full game development will then commence in earnest, will the 1st full release expected late-2014, including features* such as:

  • New environments to race in
  • New tracks to race on
  • New ships to select, offering a range of handling variations
  • Multiple game modes to choose from
  • New track features to make races even more thrilling
  • Multi-player support
  • Public and private multi-player lobbies
  • Wide range of controller support options
  • 2D, VR and 3D Stereoscopic display support – play on monitor, 3DTV or Oculus Rift DK1/DK2


RadialG-3Players will be able to pledge their allegiance on Steam Early Access before launch, gaining the opportunity to play the new content and features before anyone else, whilst becoming part of the alpha and beta test teams, providing invaluable feedback to the developers as they hone and polish the ultimate VR arcade racing experience!

The Tammeka team are finalising the legal paperwork for Steamworks and SCE and will have more news regarding specific dates and Sony Morpheus support in the near future.

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