Radial-G is a Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Racing Game that reminds of us F-Zero and Wipeout

Posted June 11, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in News

Radial-G is a Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Racing Game that reminds of us F-Zero and Wipeout. Below is taken directly from the developers post on Oculus.

Every great VR experience needs to give the player a chance to acclimatise to the environment and hardware before throwing them full on into the game.

We let you sit on the start line and get your bearings before starting the high-octane racing action!

We recently developed a 4-player sci-fi racing game for RS Components as an event booth attractor. You can read about it here on Gamasutra:


We are now moving forward with development to make it into a full game that everyone can play. We’re working on a single player demo, that will give you a taster of the game and allow you to post your fastest lap time. This will be available to coincide with the start of a kickstarter campaign to get more funding.

We’re looking to develop the multiplayer to support many more players, a variety of environments, ship types with different handling models, full on collision and weapons. The small development includes ex-employees from Black Rock (Moto GP, Pure, Split: Second) and NCsoft (Guild Wars, Aion, WildStar) so we have experience of designing and developing racing and online games.

I’ll update this thread with more news when ready to share in a couple of weeks!



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