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Posted December 9, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in Features

I spent an interesting evening inside Red Light Centers closed Beta which looks to make online adult chat rooms a bit more interesting and immersive using Virtual Reality.

I will try keep this preview as work safe as possible but be warned this preview has some pretty graphic sexual content. You have been warned.

First off if you have ever tried Playstation Home or Second Life you will be familiar with how the basic software experience functions. You can create your own personal Avatar, dress it in any clothing you see fit and then login to a central hub area where you can either talk to other users or visit other locations. When you explore other locations they are loaded in a very similar way to how Playstation Home loads its areas,  so it can take a minute or two to switch between locations but once you find an area that you like and if it has a lot of users you will have plenty to keep yourself occupied.

virtual reality porn 2To get Red Light Center to display on your rift you first have to switch off all the UI by pressing the equals symbol on your keyboard and then F12 to display the graphics in stereo VR mode. This is fine if you already know all the key commands for interacting with other Red Light users but if you are new to the software you have no way of jumping straight into the experience using Virtual Reality. Having no UI what so ever displayed in Virtual Reality is a big drawback at the moment but this product is still in Beta testing and will likely be fixed in future updates.

One thing I have noticed in the couple of times I have logged into Red Light Center is that it’s not heavily populated with other users at the moment. I have logged in at 10pm UK time on a Wednesday and also at 4am UK time on a Friday night but on both occasions I only came across a dozen or so users which can limit what you can do. It seems that everybody goes to the strip cub where some NPCs are located and you can pay them for lap dances with the in game currency. The low user base is likely due to the closed Beta status of the build I am previewing but I would have liked to see a lot more users as this type of experience is all about interactions with other users and at the moment this is lacking in the beta. I do have to say that one of the funniest moments I have ever had in VR was walking into an area with only one user called VagaBond who was sitting on his own on a Bed in the middle of a dance floor with his manhood all ready for action. I left and returned some time later and he was still just sitting waiting for some action.

virtual reality porn 1Graphically Red Light Center is pretty decent when viewing it in VR and frame rates hold up pretty well for the most part but I would like to visit an area with 30 avatars all interacting to see if this is still the case. All the area’s you can visit look believable in scale and the avatars are very pretty to look at but for my personal taste they look a bit too cartoony for my eyes for me to get excited about.  The avatars are animated beautifully when performing dances or sexual acts but for my personal taste it will take avatars with the same detailed fidelity as the IR scans demo before they make me lust.

If you are looking for a comparison for Red Light Center think of Riftmax or VR chat with very detailed avatars which all have preloaded sex acts installed that you can at the press of a button perform with another user. The porn industry is a very interesting space for VR and software like Red Light Center is blazing a trail for others to follow.  If they can implement their UI inside Virtual Reality in an instuitive way and render the avatars in an even more realistic fashion to what they have at the moment I can see this type of Adult entertainment take off in a big way.

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