Samsung And Sydney Opera House Team Up For Virtual Reality Experience

Posted September 1, 2015 by Jamie O'Dwyer in News

Samsung have partnered with Future Classics and Sydney Opera House to create a virtual reality experience in the famous venue.

The experience gives viewers a front row seat to watch Flight Facilities as they perform Heart Attack live during the sold out FCX concert during Vivid LIVE, as part of Vivid Sydney.

For the best experience possible, it’s recommended to watch the 360° video in either 1440p (HD) or 2160p (4k) while using the mouse to change viewpoints. Viewers should also have the latest version of Google Chrome or the latest update for the YouTube app installed for iPhone and Android, in which case you can tilt and twist your phone to look around the arena.

The full version of this experience is only available at special events at the Sydney Opera House through the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR headset.

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