Samsung Entrim 4D VR Motion Headphones

Posted March 15, 2016 by Conor Burke in Features

At the SXSW festival this month Samsung announced some new hardware they have been working on from C-labs (innovation program for Samsung employees to work on their own business ideas).  Though still in development the “Entrim 4D” headphones are intended to help give the user the sensation of movement while in VR.

Samsung say the headphones use “a safe and simple technique that sends specific electric messages to a nerve in the ear”.  These electrical signals are synced with the application, and help the user to sense direction and speed of movement, helping to immerse you even more into the experience.  This electrical signal technology is being used right now for helping stroke patients restore balance.

If Samsung can deliver with the Entrim 4D headphones, they can not only potential eliminate the nauseous, dizzy feelings you can get from moving around certain VR environments, but also heighten the experience of driving a fast car or flying through the air.

The team behind Entrim 4D are a mix of software, hardware and biomedical engineering experts. They have developed 30 different movement patterns and have been testing these on over 1,500 people so far.

Entrim 4D headphones are still in development and no price or release window have been released.

For more information on Entrim 4D and other C-lab progects, Click here.




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