Samsung Project Beyond, a 3D-capturing camera for Gear VR

Posted November 13, 2014 by David in VR Hardware

Samsung announced its Project Beyond 360-degree camera imaging system to work in conjunction with the Gear VR .

Project Beyond is a camera mount that houses 16 full HD cameras which will capture 360-degree panoramic video in 3d and can stream this content directly to your Gear VR.

We use stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to capture the scene just like the human eye, but in a form factor that is extremely compact.
Beyond can stream real time events, as well as store the data for future viewing.
This system is still a working prototype and not available for purchase but it does show that Samsung who are the largest electronics manufacturer in the world are taking VR very seriously and are willing to innovate with new product ideas.
Project Beyond is not a product, but one of our many exciting projects currently under development. This is the first operational version of the device, and just a taste of what the final system we are working on will be capable of. Once complete, we hope to take Beyond cameras around the world to beautiful and noteworthy locations and events, and allow you to experience those locations as if they were really there.
We here at Virtual Reality Reviewer are very excited to see how this camera performs and are eagerly awaiting the release of the Gear VR which is due out in the US in early December. No date yet as to the available of Gear VR in the EU but we will keep you posted.



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