Sony announce the PlayStation VR for October

Posted March 16, 2016 by Conor Burke in News

PlayStation VR is coming out in October 2016 with a price tag of €399, Sony have announced at the 2016 Game Developer Conference during their keynote. The time frame is later in the year then Sony had originally intended for a release.

The price of the headset does come in cheaper compared to the Oculus Rift at €699 and HTC’s Vive at a €899.  If you already own a PlayStation 4 (€349) then €399 is a reasonable price to get into VR. Obviously compared with the more expensive headsets you plug into a PC, the PlayStation VR when connected to a PS4 is slightly less powerful then its bigger brothers.

The announced specifications for PlayStation VR from Sony,

OLED display,

5.7 inches panel size,

Resolution of “960 x 1080 per eye”, (Both the Rift and Vive displaying “1080 x 1200 per eye),

Refresh Rate of 120 Hz, Hz 90,

Field of view is approximately 100 degrees,

Latency of less than 18ms,

Accelerometer, Gyroscope Sensors,

9 LEDs to enable 360 head tracking.

Although the display is slightly less powerful than the Rift and Vive, the PlayStation VR does offer 120 frames per second display and very little lag which will please gamers.

PSVR Box Contents

PlayStation VR does come boxed with a processing box to help your PS4 with an extra bit of power and performance, plus the usual selection of cables and connections and earbud headphones. With the PlayStation VR you will need a PlayStation eye and a PlayStation Move controller which unfortunately won’t come boxed with the PlayStation VR.  Sony say this is because of a large amount of PlayStation owners already have the Move and Eye. You can buy a PlayStation Move starter pack with PlayStation Eye for €59.99.

Sony haven’t announced any bundles of yet, but it can be a safe bet that they will announce bundles closer to release date with everything you need to get started. Sony expect that there will be 50 or more games released to support the launch of the PlayStation VR between October and the end of the year and with more than 230 developers working on content the system seems to be well supported.

Sony’s large install base and cheaper entry level gives more people the opportunity to enter into the world of VR without the need to purchase an expensive PC rig, but we will have to wait till October to find out if its lower spec can offer as good as immersive experience compared to the higher end models coming to market.

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