Sony’s London Studios Announce PlayStation VR Worlds

Posted March 18, 2016 by Conor Burke in News

Sony’s London Studios have announced a new game to be available for the PlayStation VR called “PlayStation VR Worlds”. The game will include 5 different experiences all bundled together. As the studio is owned by Sony, these games have been built exclusively just for the PlayStation VR.


The London Heist VR

The first of the VR games is The London Heist, which Sony has been using as a demo to showcase the PSVR at some events. The game casts you in a role of a criminal caught up in a robbery and trying to make your escape.

Into The Deep, another demo that Sony has been showcasing with the PSVR, brings you underwater in a diving cage, where you can experience the marine life all around as your travel down to the murky depths of the ocean where a surprise awaits.

VR Luge is a sort of skateboard game but with the perspective of you lying on your back as you race at break neck speeds downhill dodging cars, trucks and everything else the game throws at you.

Play as an alien treasure hunter in Scavengers Odyssey. You control your spacecraft which is a take on a flying a mech, the player maneuvers through the environment of debris and fighting aliens till you find the artifact at the end of the level. This is one of the newer VR experiences London Studios have launDangerBall VRched.








The second and final game in the box is Dangerball a futuristic game of tennis where you use your head to control and spin a ball back to your opponent.

As of yet it there has been no release date set, so whether PlayStation VR Worlds is a release title and possibly bundled with the PlayStation VR remains a mystery for now.

For more information on PlayStation VR Worlds, check out the PlayStation Blog here.




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