SundayVR Ep.30 Pt.1 – Superb Sightline and Terrific Titans of Space

Posted September 3, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in VR Shows

Time for another SundayVR, 1pm PDT! Apologies for the late notice, I have been a bit under the weather this week. Let’s explore some DK2 experiences!

As always, I will be answering any questions you throw my way concerning the DK2. The chat is always lively and full of VR devs, feel free to ask them stuff too! Folks usually gather afterwards for the weekly Virtual VR Meetup in VRChat.
I have started something new to accompany the streams: written recaps posted on Road to VR!
Ep. 30 Written recap:

01:24 Intro & Chat
23:05 Geocore
31:45 Sightline: The Chair
49:45 Titans of Space
01:16:30 Future Cityscape

04:00 G27 Setup
08:30 LFS setup
20:00 Live for Speed
43:15 Bruce Flips F-BMW
50:00 VRog
01:01:00 Robo-bliteration
01:07:20 SubLevel Zero
01:22:25 Talisman of Tantanon
01:33:30 HLVR Struggle
02:08:45 HLVR

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