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Microsoft zeigt Hololens-Roboter-Demo

Amazing AR demo by Microsoft using the Hololense device.

HoloLens and Windows 10: Microsoft Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display

The following Video is directly from The Verge YouTube Channel . Microsoft showed off what Windows 10 will look like on phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and whatever else you could imagine. It all looked great, but it was nothin...

Rescape – Reality Gaming Platform AR/VR from 13thLab

Rescape is a hardware game controller and software for your smartphone which turns it into a reality gaming platform. Rescape maps and tracks your environment in real time using advanced computer vision and sensor fusion. More ...

Playstation Augmented Reality Demo

Sony Playstation have released two videos on Youtube showing a demonstration of Augmented Reality on the Playstation 4. Sony have in the past used AR with games like EyePet and the Wonderbook on the Playstation 3 but the new vi...

Oculus Augmented Reality Mediated Perceptions

Terence Board an indie developer from London has created an interesting experiment using an Oculus Rift and two front facing cameras. It allows the user to experience Augmented Reality “AR” in a mind altering way. Terence h...

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