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Mind Unleashed 1st Environmental Teaser VR FPS

Mind Unleashed is a new futuristic/sci-fi first person VR game. This game is build from the ground up with Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality in mind and it will bring you in a whole new cyberpunk world. Shoot,Explore, and fly usi...

Technolust – A Way Out Demo Oculus DK2

Technolust – A Way Out is the latest demo released by Iris VR which demonstrates 3D positional Audio and Reactive 3D photo scanned NPCs. Normally here at Virtual Reality Reviewer we wouldn’t do a full feature video on such ...

Technolust DK2 Beta Demo Preview

Technolust is a Cyberpunk adventure game made exclusively for the Oculus Rift and developers IRIS V.R have kindly given us preview access to the Beta demo which is due out with the release of the DK2 in the coming weeks. Althou...

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