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Ethereal Legends Pre-Alpha Demo Available To Download

A pre-alpha virtual reality demo for Ethereal Legends is now available to download. Ethereal Legends is an RPG Puzzle Style Game from Soverance Studios. In this game players take control of an aging wizard named Absolut. Player...

GE Neuro demo

GE Neuro

GE Neuro is the latest experiencial VR short from Kite & Lightning. It uses a number of advanced techniques and a strong creative vision to leave an impact.



Stacks is definitely a demo that should go into your intro-to-VR playlist for the DK2

Small People Problems – Virtual Reality Demo Now Available For Download

A pre-release version of Small People Problems is now available to download on Oculus Share. The game is a strategy based experience where players control a giant worm that is tasked with devouring all the citizens of the local...

Null of Hope demo

Null of Hope

Null of Hope is a charming retro-style game with some creative and delightful 4D gimmicks that make great use of the medium of VR


Don’t Touch The Walls Virtual Reality Experience

Don't Touch The Walls is a puzzle game that will test players speed, control and reflexes as they make their way through nine levels, each growing in difficulty. The game offers a decent challenge and featured some very good ba...

Household Heroes – Virtual Reality Zombie Shooter Prototype Gameplay

Household Heroes is a virtual reality zombie shooter with a twist. The concept of a zombie shooter style game has taken off in virtual reality as of late, however Household Heroes offers a unique twist on this genre, The charac...


Quantum Virtual Reality Experience

Quantum is a puzzle adventure set in outer space. The task given to players is to guide the spaceman back to the spaceship before being swallowed by a black hole. The game offers some decent puzzles to navigate as well as offer...


Sunderland Virtual Reality Experience

Sunderland is a very entertaining experience. The game is quite fun and enjoyable to play and adds some humour through the over-the-top screams from the villagers as you bash your way through them to find the Count as he sleepw...

The Last Mountain – An Animated Virtual Reality Short Film

The Last Mountain is a short virtual reality film made for the Oculus DK2. The short is a collaborative effort from Kaleidoscope with a team from ILM, Lucasarts and Dreamworks, The short is set around a rock creature searching ...

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