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Tactera : Oculus Mobile VR Jam Featured Submission

Tactera is A Real-Time Strategy game which takes place on top of a holographic table battlefield. Tacteras developer E McNeill was the winner of the VR Jam back in 2013 with one of my all-time favourite DK1 games Ciess so when ...

20Q with E McNeill the developer of Darknet an upcoming Gear VR game.

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions. This week we chat to E McNeill developer of the upcoming  game Darknet. State Your Name: E McNeill What is...


Ciess Virtual Reality

Ciess is a solid working prototype of a fun and absorbing hacker sim. It has some balancing issues to work out before a full release but as a demo it is well worth a look.

Darknet Preview

Shortly after reviewing Ciess, I had a chance to play with an early demo of Darknet – a full release follow-up by the same developer. This was just a basic tutorial and not necessarily reflective of the final product but ...

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