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Sightline: The Chair gets updated for CV1 and Vive.

They say you never forget your first experience and for me with VR anyway, it was Sightline: The Chair one of the earlier tech demo’s available for the DK2, which has now been updated for the Oculus and HTC Vive consumer mode...


The Night Cafe – a VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

The night cafe is a bold VR tribute to Van Goghit. It is one of the most lovely dioramas available for the Rift - up amongst Blocked In and RedofPaw's Ghibli demos.

GE Neuro demo

GE Neuro

GE Neuro is the latest experiencial VR short from Kite & Lightning. It uses a number of advanced techniques and a strong creative vision to leave an impact.



Stacks is definitely a demo that should go into your intro-to-VR playlist for the DK2


Don’t Touch The Walls Virtual Reality Experience

Don't Touch The Walls is a puzzle game that will test players speed, control and reflexes as they make their way through nine levels, each growing in difficulty. The game offers a decent challenge and featured some very good ba...


Quantum Virtual Reality Experience

Quantum is a puzzle adventure set in outer space. The task given to players is to guide the spaceman back to the spaceship before being swallowed by a black hole. The game offers some decent puzzles to navigate as well as offer...


Sunderland Virtual Reality Experience

Sunderland is a very entertaining experience. The game is quite fun and enjoyable to play and adds some humour through the over-the-top screams from the villagers as you bash your way through them to find the Count as he sleepw...

Teleportaled – A Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Comedy Experience

Teleportaled is a virtual reality sci-fi comedy short from PAVR. As the title suggests, the short revolves around teleportation and is the first sci-fi comedy short about teleportation… they think. The video can be viewed...

The Last Mountain – An Animated Virtual Reality Short Film

The Last Mountain is a short virtual reality film made for the Oculus DK2. The short is a collaborative effort from Kaleidoscope with a team from ILM, Lucasarts and Dreamworks, The short is set around a rock creature searching ...

Longze 9D Virtual Reality Cinema Experience Demo Video

LongZe 9D is a virtual reality cinema experience from the Guangzhou Longze Technology Company. The experience can be bought with the egg chair, 9D VR glasses and accompanying equipment for $6000. You can find more information o...

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