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GE Neuro demo

GE Neuro

GE Neuro is the latest experiencial VR short from Kite & Lightning. It uses a number of advanced techniques and a strong creative vision to leave an impact.

KNL Station/Batcave: DK2 Remix now available

Kite & Lighting the developers of VR experiences such as Senzo Peso and more recently Insurgence have just updated DK1 favorites The Station and the Batcave. Below is taken directly from their newsletter release. TLDR: Down...

Kite & Lightning’s Insurgent VR Public Release

Quality developers Kite & Lightning the guys behind Senza Peso have just this week released Insurgent a movie tie-in VR experience. The below text is directly from the developers I’m excited to finally be able to shar...

VRLA Hosts 3rd Meetup at New Deal Studios

On August 16, 2014, Virtual Reality Los Angeles held the biggest VR event in Southern California so far. It attracted somewhere between 600 and 700 people and contained a wide variety of demo experiences. There was so much goin...

20 Q with Cory Strassburger / Senza Peso

Welcome to our brand new weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions. The week we present Cory Strassburger Co-Founder of Kite & Lighting and one of the Creato...

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