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Playhead Musical Experience on the Gear VR

Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.


[NUREN] The New Renaissance

I am certainly intrigued to see more even if the demo is a little short on content for now but the content on show for NUREN is certainly shaping up to be a polished experience and the music track that’s played in the backgro...

VR Cover presents A Cool Christmas Music Experience

VR Cover have given everybody a treat with this simple music experience. Below taken directly from the VR Cover website Ho, ho, ho! The last days of the year are here and we wish you and your loved ones some relaxed and fun ti...


A Night at the Roculus, VR Music Game

This is a thoroughly enjoyable demo suitable for all ages and should be taken as a bit of fun to shed the stresses of the day or something to show your friends if you are having any non virtual parties of your own.

Oculus Augmented Reality Mediated Perceptions

Terence Board an indie developer from London has created an interesting experiment using an Oculus Rift and two front facing cameras. It allows the user to experience Augmented Reality “AR” in a mind altering way. Terence h...



Music in the Rift

If you love Trance Music then there are simply two must have music apps for the Rift. The Buddha Clubotron and Shiny.

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