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‘I Expect You To Die’ Tops Virtual Reality Proto Awards

The second annual Proto awards, which honours achievement in the world of virtual reality, was dominated by spy game  I Expect You To Die. Schell Games’ James Bond style virtual reality experience topped the billing taki...

TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES Oculus Mobile VR Jam Featured Submission

TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES is a collaboration between Blair Renaud and Mark Schramm for the Oculus VR Jam competition which turns you into Tom Cruise minus the Teeth, Money and Fame. If you have ever seen the movie Minority Rep...

Technolust – A Way Out Demo Oculus DK2

Technolust – A Way Out is the latest demo released by Iris VR which demonstrates 3D positional Audio and Reactive 3D photo scanned NPCs. Normally here at Virtual Reality Reviewer we wouldn’t do a full feature video on such ...

Technolust DK2 Beta Demo Preview

Technolust is a Cyberpunk adventure game made exclusively for the Oculus Rift and developers IRIS V.R have kindly given us preview access to the Beta demo which is due out with the release of the DK2 in the coming weeks. Althou...

Blair “Anticleric” Renaud

20 Q with Anticleric / Technolust

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions. This week we feature Blair the developer of the eagerly awaited Technolust.   1. State Your Name: ...

Technolust Prio VR Gameplay

The following Pre-Alpha gameplay footage shows PrioVR controls for the upcoming Technolust release. More info can be found here

TECHNOLUST Virtual Reality Arcade Video

A video has popped up on reddit for Technolust showing the Virtual Reality Arcade environment in the game. Let us know if this gets you more hyped for the release later this year.

Technolust Kickstarter NOW LIVE

The Technolust Kickstarter is now live. This is a highly promising game which we just recently reviewed here and you can now get your digital copy for as little as $22 Canadian Dollars.  TECHNOLUST is a Virtual Reality Advent...


Technolust Virtual Reality Demo

If you’re like me and grew up in the 80’s then you’re in for a real treat when you play Technolust. Technolust is a 1980’s cyberpunk inspired virtual reality adventure that is one of the most immersive experiences w...

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