TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES Oculus Mobile VR Jam Featured Submission

Posted May 11, 2015 by Sandra Whelan in Features

TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES is a collaboration between Blair Renaud and Mark Schramm for the Oculus VR Jam competition which turns you into Tom Cruise minus the Teeth, Money and Fame.

technolust 2If you have ever seen the movie Minority Report you will be familiar with the concept of Pre Crime where law enforcement agencies can predict crime before it happens.

TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES has an A.I. computer that predicts crimes, the player is given the last 20 minutes of data collect by security equipment to scrub through for clues as to who, where and how the crime will be committed. It’s up to you to terminate the criminals by sending out drone attacks before the crime takes place.

The player is stationary and seated at his security terminal similar to earlier Technolust demo environments. They can tap to select UI elements or swipe to scrub through security footage and radio stations. This works pretty well and makes good use of the track pad on the side of the Gear. Choose correctly and you will prevent a crime but choose incorrectly and your AI companion will plant evidence to cover up your blunder .

As always with Technolust demos the environment your seated in really give you a sense of presence due to all the little details that all add up to a believable room. By far the best feature is the crow that is animated realistically that sits perched on the window ledge and a second to your left.

technolust 1TECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES also has a section where you can look at some of the suspect avatars which look great for a Gear VR  experience as it must be pretty tough to get photo scanned avatars rendering on the Note 4 hardware. You can’t interact with the avatars but they are a nice hint to what is to come in the PC release of the full Technolust game.

Overall TTECHNOLUST: THOUGHT CRIMES is a fun short mini game that feels more like a graphics experiment to see what is possible to render on the Gear VR. It does suffer with a bit of black smear but this is due to how the Note 4 screen displays true blacks and is not a software issue. Final thoughts would be it’s Fun, Short and Pretty with lots of atmosphere.

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