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Posted December 13, 2014 by David in Features

Technolust – A Way Out is the latest demo released by Iris VR which demonstrates 3D positional Audio and Reactive 3D photo scanned NPCs.

Normally here at Virtual Reality Reviewer we wouldn’t do a full feature video on such a short demo but I felt that the immersive feeling this particular demo achieves warranted its own video.

First off the 3D positional audio is such a step up from the normal stereo audio we have heard in the past that it really does have a profound effect on the overall experience. When you tilt your head towards a sound source such as the radio or phone you can really tell its direction and even its location from sound alone. The positional audio system is powered by RealSpace 3D which Oculus recently licensed and used to great effect with its Crescent Bay demos.

The NPC photo scan is of a Toronto girl called Amity Dawn and it’s very detailed. You can clearly see freckles on her skin as well as her detailed tattoos. The amount of detail on her body is only matched by the IR Scans demo and even her clothing is so realistic with sections of her lace top being see through making this one of the most impressive NPC’s in virtual reality at the moment. To top it all off you can take off her fetching DK2 and she will gaze straight into your soul with her piercing blue eyes that will follow you around the room.

This demo is clearly influenced by the Matrix movies and the apartment has lots of interesting Easter eggs including a unicorn mini game and also a photo scan of lead developer Blair in the form of a Bobble head. Also spotted is a Pit Bull Hoverboard from the Back to the Future 2 movie that growls.

Technolust has been on my most anticipated list for quite some time and this demo has moved it right to the top of that very short list. If you haven’t already I suggest you go and download the Technolust demo and experience one of the most immersive virtual reality environments to date. We will put a link in the description below.

Download Technolust Here



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