The Apollo 11 Experience Dev Team Grows

Posted February 27, 2015 by Edmund in News

The Apollo 11 Experience has already had wide spread praise for being an inspirational journey and now lead developer Drash and producer David Whelan have been joined by expert model maker Mario Matovina and award winning lighting and rendering artist Paul Davis.

Mario a.k.a  ( I14R10 ) has lots of experience in creating space vehicles and created this interior model of the Lunar Module ( see below ) which will be used in the upcoming Apollo 11 Experience. Mario is currently working hard on creating the new Command Module interior including all switches, dials and functioning readouts which he hopes to have ready in a couple of weeks for a new demo release.

Paul Davis is an environment and lighting/rendering artist in games and post-production.  Paul has 20 years experience and has worked on games such as Transformers Universe and Crysis 2. Paul has been nominated for an EMMY and BAFTA in the past for his work on Inside the Human body.

David has also stated to expect a demo update early next week with the popular request of a retro 60s media room in place of the currently modern room and flat screen T.V

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Currently the project is just under 50% funded with 15 days left on their Kickstarter campaign. If your interested in playing the first prototype demo on your DK2 visit the kickstarter page below for a download link.

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