The Virtual Reality Awards voting opening next Monday

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The first ever Virtual Reality Awards to be held in Virtual Reality is almost upon us.

Its going to be held on Friday 28th of November in Riftmax and will have many leading developers and industry veterans attending. The below was posted today giving more details on how the public can choose their favorite experience for the public choice award.

On the Monday the 10th November we will publish a private poll on this site where you the public can choose the eventual winner of ( The Public Choice Award ). We will be limiting this poll to one vote per day via IP logging & Cookie Tracking.  This poll will stay active until Tuesday 25th November. The Poll will allow you to type in the Name of the VR Experience which has impressed you the most over the past 24 months. As this is the first Virtual Reality Awards we want to include everything that has been released since the release of the DK1 but in next years event we will limit votes to experiences that have been released within the past year.

Please when voting just type the Full Name of the experience and not an abbreviation as some games/demos/experiences can have similar abbreviations.

Once polling has closed we will reach out to the winner and ask them to attend the show.

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