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Posted August 6, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in Features

The Pornography industry has always been at the fore front when it comes to adapting to new technologies.

From the very early days of the Penny Arcade Machines right up to the birth of the internet, it has always had big influence in wide spread adoption of new media formats and with the imminent release of VR it looks as if this trend is set to continue.

vr pornoIt’s very hard ( excuse the pun ) to describe what Porn looks like in Virtual Reality so we tried our best to make the following feature as YouTube friendly as possible but be warned this is certainly not work safe.

Currently there are only a handful of Adult experiences available for the Rift with the majority of them being simple unpolished demos however there are a couple of experiences that really stand out above the rest.

One such example has been created by developers Veiviev called Lucid Dreams. They have a special camera rig with multiple High Definition cameras that takes photos of models from every angle which they then they stitch together on a computer to create the most photo realistic 3D models ever seen. The details on the models show everything right down to single strands of hair. It’s amazing to see such detail and it’s quite strange getting so close to somebody that looks so real yet they are as inanimate as a statue.

From a womans point of view this does absolutely nothing for me in the slightest, my initial thoughts when getting up close and personal with them was to comment on their nail polish colour or how they’d missed a bit when waxing! However it is fascinating to stare at all the lady bits as an outsider as it’s not something I’d normally get to do ( obviously ). I can only but wonder if there will be something like this available for the women to enjoy in the future, lots of men in various states of undress and flaccidness and I’d be interested to see how that would be received. ( no pun intented)

x360 porn movieAnother example of Porn that has been done right on the rift is a video which has come from a company called X360 however this was created before the release of the DK1 and for another Head Mounted Display which is very surprising as later videos created by companies specifically for the Rift don’t do nearly as good a job.

To get this video to work on your Rift you first need to download a VR video player like Whirlgig and change the video display settings to Barrel Distortion and configure the Scale and Rotation settings.

Once started it’s clear to see that the Male actor is wearing some kind of 360 degree camera on top of his head and this allows you to freely look around the environment as the video stream plays.

Although I’m sure any male watching this will be in his element I again was left thinking, what’s available for women? As with most standard mainstream porn, unless you are a lesbian, it doesn’t do much in the way of accommodating a womans porn fix although I am aware that this is not this particular videos intention. At one point in the video you get a 10 second or so snippet where you are placed in the womans body but this isn’t nearly long enough and again, if other women aren’t your thing they are all you see most of the time so chances are it’s not going to have much of an effect on you other than to look down and imagine how you’d look if you were a real porn star.

Having viewed most of the freely available adult experiences for the Rift it’s clear that pornography will play a role in VR’s future.  Currently the professional adult entertainment industry is suffering huge losses as so many free porn streaming sites have popped up over the past couple of years and you are never more than a few clicks away from viewing any type of porn you wish for free.

virtual reality porno 2With the rebirth of Virtual Reality, Adult media companies will need to invest in specialized equipment if they want to capture high quality 360 degree footage which they can later sell as the file sizes involved will be large and streaming such content for the foreseeable future is not viable with the connection speeds of most ISP’s.

I think the porn industry should welcome Virtual Reality with open arms ( and open legs ) for that matter, as creating 360 degree HD content will be out of the reach of most amateur film makers due to the high price of the equipment involved and technical ability of the operators. This will in turn stop free high quality Adult content being widely available and should revive an industry which is currently down on its knees ( again excuse the pun )

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