The Virtual Realty Awards 2014 FULL VIDEO & Winners

Posted November 29, 2014 by David in Features

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The Virtual Reality Awards were held last night completely in Virtual Reality which is a world’s first.

As this is a world’s first we did experience some technical difficulties getting the stream and videos to run correctly but we still managed to hear from some great developers and present awards to the cream of the crop.

The Awards themselves will go down in history as the first VR awards to be presented in VR and it will be very memorable for the people who attended and especially for all the winners. Watching Reverend Kyle and Sandra Whelan on stage ploughing through technical difficulties was a show in its self and worthy of a 10 minute outtake video. Especially funny was the troll who managed to sneak past the guards on the door.

The VRA’s had everything from great speeches, great games, great music and lots of dramatic pauses ( most of them server related J ) . With VR being such a new media it was great to see lots of the community attend this event and offer to help out. We would like to give a special thanks to Mike Armstrong who took time out from his Thanksgiving holidays to run this event as I’m sure we caused him some major stress trying to get everything to run at the last minute.

Overall the 2014 VRA’s will not be remembered not for slick presentations or extensive lists of categories but will be remembered for being Virtual Reality’s first awards show held in the metaverse.

Finalists for Best Non Game Application are

Titans of Space
Janus VR

Finalists for Most Immersive VR Experience

Senza Peso
Sightline: The Chair ( WINNER )

Finalists for  Best VR Game are

Time Rifters ( WINNER )
Elite: Dangerous
Vanguard V
Alien: Isolation

Finalists for  Best VR Simulation are

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Elite: Dangerous ( WINNER )
Assetto Corsa
New Retro Arcade

Best Overall VR Experience Finalists Judges Choice

Titans of Space
Sightline: The Chair

Best Overall VR Experience Finalists Public Choice


Guest Presenters

Bobby Blackwolf, host of “The Bobby Blackwolf Show”

Cris Miranda, host of “EnterVR Podcast”

Ally Maque, host of “VirtuAlly”

Bob, aka Coznefx, host of “Left-Handed VR Podcast”

The VRA’s In Association with ( Virtually Incorrect )



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