VirtuAlly: My 360 Project, The Avatar Economy, Aaron Lemke Interview, & More

Posted February 20, 2015 by David in News

Hi, friends! It’s good to be back! In this episode, I begin by sharing a little bit of info on the 360-degree video project I’ve been working on during my short hiatus.

I also discuss LG’s recently announced mobile VR device, plus I talk about a new company called RocketSail who is creating custom VR avatars! Our featured interview is with Aaron Lemke, the founder of Unello Design and creator of the VR relaxation experience, “Eden River”. I also share with you this week’s cool VR demo, “The Imaginary Museum” by Farseers Technology, demoed by Nick from PureVR. Enjoy!

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This Week’s Featured VR Demo:

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