VirtuAlly: Google Backs Magic Leap, VR for lonely Astronauts, Interview with Hooke Audio, and More!

Posted October 24, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in VR Shows

Hey, friends!! So I’ve released 2 episodes of VirtuAlly this week, so as to get back on schedule.

Starting next week, VirtuAlly will officially be uploaded once a week. In this episode, we discuss the mysterious “Cinematic Reality” company and Google-backed, Magic Leap. We also discuss how NASA is utilizing VR to help astronauts manage loneliness in space and we take a look at the creator behind the cool VR game, PixelRift. Our featured interview is with Anthony Mattana, founder of an awesome 3D binaural audio company, Hooke Audio. I also share with you this week’s cool VR demo, Guided Meditation by Cubicle Ninjas. Enjoy!

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