Virtually Incorrect Episode 10 ( Social Virtual Reality )

Posted June 22, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in VR Shows

Episode 10 of Virtually Incorrect

  • MikeArms (Riftmax)
  • VR Dave (Virtual Reality Reviewer)
  • MSCoder610 (Duke VR)
  • Nateight (Team Metatron).

Topic List

  • Consumer V1 will not have the screendoor effect – B. Iribe
  • Guest Spotlight: MikeArms24
  • Standing vs Seated Experience
  • Guest Spotlight: VirtualRealityReviewer(Dave)
  • Reddit AMA with Palmer Luckey & Nate Mitchell
  • Guest Spotlight: Mscoder610
  • Nintendo’s Miyamoto implies VR as an anti-social experience and contrary to what Nintendo is doing
  • Guest Spotlight: Nateight
  • Guest Plugs
  • Questions from audience
  • Hitbox Poll Result: How much do you plan on spending on VR peripherals (HMD not included)?
  • Questions from audience: a) Ruuubick: Opinions on “Riftsino” demo? b) Nukemarine: Implications of VR in business productivity sense?



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