Virtually Incorrect Episode 11 ( Virtual Reality Talkshow )

Posted July 3, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in VR Shows

Virtual Reality Talkshow

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June 27th episode of Virtually Incorrect w/ Gunter S. Thompson. Join Gunter and this week’s guests, DrashVR (Titans of Space), LuisOliveira (Arch Imerrsive), Roger Essig (Psychonaut) and APieceOfFruit (MetatronVR) for a discussion of hot VR topics.

Topic Guide:
1) Cardboard – VR Project by Google: 2:53
2) Guest Spotlight: Luis Oliveira: 9:00
3) Oculus set to acquire Carbon Design Team 13:46
4) Guest Spotlight: Drash: 18:00
5) Team Metatron’s Work on UE4 Templates for Rift: 24:25
6) Guest Spotlight: Apieceoffruit: 33:56
7) VRChat Developer Meeting w/ Palmer Luckey: 38:10
8) Guest Spotlight: Roger Essig: 42:00
9) Guest Plugs: 49:18
10) Questions from audience: a) Coznefx: Question for Drash: How do you balance development time with time spent trying out new demos? 52:30; b) Death Templer: Implications of extreme experiences on VR in genereal? 53:45

Music: “Jamming it Out on the Pavement” : TeknoAXE (Matthew Huffaker)

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