Virtually Incorrect Episode 12 ( Virtual Reality Talkshow )

Posted July 18, 2014 by David in VR Shows

Virtually Incorrect Virtual Reality Talkshow with Gunter Ep #12 (sorry its super late) was recorded and streamed LIVE July 11th in front of a virtual studio audience.

Join Gunter and his guests, Kent Bye(Voices of VR), Mike Jones(Tactical Haptics), Cosmo Scharf(VRLA) and RevKyle(Road to VR).

On the show they discuss:

– Oculus Conference aka OC1
– CyberRealities V-Sync Post
– Cyberith Virtualizer Kickster
– Omni and Prio VR Updates
– Rifted Alien: Isolation
– APieceOfFruit Rants
– Deep Rifters Story
– GameFace paired with Stompz
– Google’s Cardboard
– An apology.

The production quality of this show has taken a hit. Caine of riftmax is no longer editing and helping with the show. I thank him tremendously for all the effort he put in. It is no easy job.

We have a few others helping run the cameras and with moderating the stream chat. I’m still looking for someone to edit the final youtube video every week. Please let me know if you are that guy/gal 🙂

Right now I am taking care of the editing and whatnot, which has caused the delay in getting this video up, I do apologize for that. Been very ill as of late, so that sucks. Will take me sometime to get things back up to where things were.


As mentioned before, I no longer have an editor for the show. If you are interested please hit me up.

Would be great to have other folks join the VI team. There is room for growth and we can take the show in various directions. If you are a fan and want to be a part of the madness, let me know, its good times.

And if anyone has feedback for the show, please post a comment here. Love to hear what folks like and dislike.

Cowabunga Dudes!!!


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