Virtually Incorrect Episode 5

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May 16th episode of Virtually Incorrect w/ Gunter S. Thompson. Join Gunter and this week’s guests, Graham Gaylor, Tyler Roach, Jake Tracey and Caine for a discussion of hot VR topics.

Topic Guide:

1) SVVR Conference 2:45
2) Google Glass Lead Engineer defects to Oculus 9:35
3) The Metaverse 13:16
4) DK2 Still on Track for July 19:45
5) 3D Video Capture with 3 Kinects 23:28
6) Hoverboard VR/ Wii Balance Board + Kinect 29:01
7) Gameboy Emulator in Unity 31:28
8) AR Drone Bebop gets Rift Support 35:50
9) How will VR affect Kids? 41:40
10) Questions from audience: a) Nateight: Who do you think will be front runner to create the Metaverse? 45:40 b) Ruubick: What should a developer do as far as VR safety disclaimers? 51:21

Music: “Jamming it Out on the Pavement” : TeknoAXE (Matthew Huffaker)

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