Virtually Incorrect Episode 6

Posted May 27, 2014 by David in VR Shows

May 23rd episode of Virtually Incorrect w/ Gunter S. Thompson. Join Gunter and this week’s guests, Cris Miranda, Anticleric, eVRydayVR, Jespionage, MattStompz, Reverend Kyle, Coznefx and Caine for a discussion of hot VR topics.

Topic Guide:

1) SVVR – Impressions 2:09
2) SVVR – Critiques/Wishlist for Next Year 11:33
3) SVVR – Any Surprises? 14:47
4) Motion Controls 18:01
5) SVVR – The Metaverse 19:37
6) SVVR – Demos 23:42
7) SVVR – Teledildonics?? 34:42
8) SVVR – Kite & Lightning 36:52
9) Questions from audience: a) Holotape: VR on Mobile devices?39:37 b) Apieceoffruit: Any Multiplayer experiences at SVVR?41:57 c) MikeArms24: SVVR – 60 second pitches, anything good?46:40 d) Jake in the Margin: Panel’s picks for VR ‘break-out’ genres? 50:42

Music: “Jamming it Out on the Pavement” : TeknoAXE (Matthew Huffaker)

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