Virtually Incorrect Episode 8

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Published on Jun 8, 2014


June 6th episode of Virtually Incorrect w/ Gunter S. Thompson. Join Gunter and this week’s guests, Sh0v(Lunar Flight), Protonz (Time Rifters), Holotape (Musician) and Krysania (Media Artist) for a discussion of hot VR topics.

Topic Guide:

1) E3 Predictions: 2:19
2) Alternative HMDs: 5:15
3) VR Social / What is “Real”?: 8:04
4) Guest Spotlight: Sh0v: 14:00
5) ControlVR Kickstarter: 18:19
6) Guest Spotlight: Holotape: 25:00
7) Kite & Lighting – Sensa Peso / Cinematic Experiences: 29:03
8) Guest Spotlight: Proton: 39:13
9) Guest Spotlight: Krysania: 41:49
10) Artistic Implications of VR: 44:45
11) Hitbox Poll Result: Would you buy a Samsung HMD? 54:20
12) Questions from audience: Nukemarine: Cinematic experiences – pre-render vs real time rendering? 51:00
13) Wrap Up & Guest Plugs 56:20

Music: “Jamming it Out on the Pavement” : TeknoAXE (Matthew Huffaker)

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