VirtuAlly: My VIVE Impressions & In-game Footage, The VOID, Blair Renaud Interview, & More

Posted May 26, 2015 by whelanwebdesign in VR Shows

Hey friends! In this episode, I begin by sharing more info on the 360-degree video project I recently completed. I also tried the HTC Vive and share my impressions, as well as show some in-game footage. I also discuss the Oculus Rift Consumer Version release date and “The VOID” VR Entertainment Centers. Our featured interview is with Blair Renaud, the founder of Iris Virtual Reality and creator of the VR cyber-punk adventure game, “Technolust”. I also share with you this week’s cool VR demo, Four Funnels Ent.’s “Titanic: Honor and Glory” presented by eVRydayVR. Enjoy!

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Intro/My 360-degree project: 0:12
Oculus Rift CV1 release date and specs: 1:44
Discovery Channel in VR: 3:16
The VOID VR Entertainment Centres: 4:05
My HTC VIVE Impressions: 5:42
Interview w/ Blair Renaud, creator of TECHNOLUST: 9:27
eVRdayVR’s Walk-Through of Titanic: Honor & Glory by FourFunnels Entertainment: 17:25
Last Week’s Questions: 18:06
This Week’s Question: 19:11

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