VR App Store Raises $1.5m to Drive Ambitious Growth

Posted April 7, 2015 by David in News

Virtual reality app store, WEARVR, has received $1.5m in funding as it makes strides to become the number one discovery site for games and experiences for an increasing number of virtual reality headsets.

The online store launched in July 2014 and by early March this year had seen more than 200,000 games downloaded by virtual reality fans. Born out of an incubator project from digital development studio Dubit and gaming consultancy KZero, WEARVR has become the go-to location for virtual reality software for thousands of daily users, and currently features over 900 virtual reality titles.

The seven-figure funding comes from a group of Atlanta-based investors with experience in media, technology and real estate. The investment will go into significantly expanding the store’s features and marketing WEARVR to virtual reality fans around the world.

WEARVR co-founder Nic Mitham said:

“Despite minimal marketing we’ve witnessed phenomenal interest in WEARVR since we launched in July, both from end-users and from developers – with whom we’ve formed important relationships. This funding will allow us to reach the growing number of people excited by the possibilities of virtual reality, as well as expanding the store’s functionality, as requested by our vocal and passionate community of VR fans.

“Our priorities include growing and harnessing the power of our community, and increasing the number and range of experiences offered through the store. We’re also looking to add a recommendation engine and implement user-curated game lists. There are plans for exclusive WEARVR content and in-browser streaming. A mobile discovery app is on the way, as is the introduction of 360 degree video experiences.”


WEARVR is different to device-centric VR stores as it is platform-agnostic, providing access to games and applications for all devices, including Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and the Carl Zeiss VR One as well as upcoming headsets such as OSVR.

Mitham said: It’s important for us, and our users, that WEARVR offers the broadest range of VR software. With new devices being announced on an almost-weekly basis, virtual reality is about more than Oculus Rift:  we want fans to know that that they can download and access games from WEARVR for whatever device they’re using.”

WEARVR’s owners are expecting the site to reach the 250,000 download mark by the end of March and crack the one million mark before the end of 2015 as more virtual reality devices come on to the market.

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