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Posted January 16, 2015 by Sandra Whelan in VR Video

VR Butts is a short animated feature that combines simple story telling with great animation.

Its creator Tyler Hurd and VR developers Skillman & Hackett have certainly made one of the strangest yet entertaining VR moments I have experienced to date. This experience follows 2 main characters that are nude with large Butts, the blue character seems full of the joys of life while the red character seems a bit depressed. The Red guys mood certainly changes when his new found friend shows him the joy of passing gas in the form of confetti which is directed at your position.

Although the storyline is somewhat juvenile the way this experience is implemented really works fantastically well. You are totally immersed into the cartoon and your attention is certainly drawn to the main characters as the surrounding area is sparse with some trees dotted around the area.

The developers have also employed a pretty cool trick with their fade to black section near the end drawing your attention skyward where you will see the man in the moon also have a Butt from where I will assume he farts cheese. 馃檪

I can certainly see VR cartoons becoming an industry in its self in the future and I can only imagine with great anticipation what Pixar or DreamWorks could do in the next few years. Butt鈥檚 VR is a great tech demo even if the subject matter might not be to everybody鈥檚 taste but people should certainly take note as CGI animated VR movies will certainly play a big part in VR鈥檚 future and will likely succeed a lot faster than the current attempts at 360 video.

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