World of Comenius – Education for the third millenium is coming

Posted October 20, 2014 by David in News

From the maker of Sightline the Chair comes world of Comenius.

Below Tomas explains the idea behind his new project which was posted on the Oculus forum.

I would like to show you a project I’m working on with a little sneak preview… World of Comenius. It aims to create an educational platform that will utilize the virtual reality to help people understand various concepts intuitively – for example you could play with atoms and observe their behavior on quantum level, swim around cell and explore or meet with dead people from the past in their historical context.

The project is officially launching a pilot on 20th October at one progressive school here in Czech Republic – Mendelovo Gymnázium in the city Opava, for which I’ve built this demo to demonstrate the potential of VR and hopefully get attention of some people with funding.

More info coming soon at



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